Communications Infrastructure

A high performance standards based communications infrastructure is at the core of the design work we do.

Communications infrastructure is the central nervous system of an organization. IT networks dedicated to voice and data services and have performed that function well for many years, now these networks are expanding to support an exponentially larger number of end points with disparate demands on the network. In addition to traditional applications we see building control, security, and AV systems having a dramatic effect on how a network is utilized and the design team needs to work closely together to insure that these systems work together both on day one and are easily adapted to future developments. If the design team misses the opportunity to coordinate the many different systems the opportunity is often lost to realize the organizational simplicity and higher performance a converged network can bring.

Highly energy efficient buildings often have an unintended characteristic that they significantly block cell signals and may require a distributed antenna system (DAS) to enable reliable access to cellular networks.  TabbTech can design the antenna systems in the building to distribute the signals and work with carriers to coordinate a connection to their network to provide your users with a seamless high quality cellular service.  If cell service in your building is lacking contact us about designing a DAS for you.